We’re not an off-the-shelf media agency or a thirteen-to-the-dozen marketing warehouse, but a dedicated team with way too creative enthusiasts, bipolar passionpreneurs and digital alchemists with narcissistic traits.

Needless to say; we don’t derive pleasure from inappropriate behavior, we’ll gladly take our hats of and keep the door open for you, but we will not let ourselves be placed in boxes and don’t mince words when the truth is harsh or our insight rather shocking. We work with you, not for you.

We will challenge you, as this the only way to get the best out of yourself; out of your dreams and ideas and only then are we able to create a difference together. Only then are we able to realize something that not only pays the bills (if you’re looking for just that, we can point out plenty of other able agencies around), but results in an iconic organization that really stands for something, resonating in the world as well as on the web. If you dare to do that, then we’ll be your personal media and marketing department par excellence. No concessions, no excuses and with military precision, though that may not be entirely coincidentally.

We don’t care about your fancy job title or how much you earn, all we care about is your passion and whether your dream is big enough to scare us!

We are allergic for doing it the way it has always been done, just for the sake of that or because it was in some all knowing book. We despise those pretending to be experts in a world that is constantly shifting and disrupted. We get pissed off by deliberating the exact meaning of fancy marketing terms or by those constantly pitying fluff. We think out loud and do whatever it takes to achieve your objectives. Dreaming, daring, doing. You do what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest.

Who you are is important to us as well. We only do things we believe in, for the concepts we have faith in and the most important; with the entrepreneurs we believe in! Not that we’re afraid of crazy and grand ideas or dreams, on the contrary. We’re not taken aback for something that seems extraordinary arduous or genuine madness, the only thing we need is potential and the right mindset to work from.

Didn’t scare you away yet? Awesome! Once we committed ourselves to you and your dreams we’ll do anything necessary to achieve our common objectives. Wise, loyal and beseeming are the human values we care about most in our joint process and you may expect us to always take a critical and integer approach.

We work according to the IDEA protocol, which stands for Idiosyncratic, Dedication, Empathy and Artistic. Right, our competences are our Unique Selling Points; in us we trust, do you?

“We don’t care about your fancy job title or how much you earn, all we care about is your passion and whether your dream is big enough to scare us!”

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