Pitch your dream to us and unleash your possibilities.

You’re an entrepreneur, whether you already registered 6 companies in with the Chamber of Commerce or none at all. You have one or many good, no, ‘magnificent’ ideas which deserve to be fed with your blossoming entrepreneurship. Congratulations; you are where you need to be.

Your own social circle might see your dreams as megalomania and smile at them politely, without ever thinking that you could actually pull it off. We dare to see a vision in your dream. We’ll listen at first after we will then ask you; “Is your dream grand enough?”

Only when it’s true madness will we get excited. We’re not taken aback by difficult, the only thing we need is ‘possible’. If that’s not the case, we need to come up with something to make it possible. Starting point is always the entrepreneur, meaning you…

Paint us your dream, grand enough to frighten you.

Deel je pitch met ons

We look at and assess your pitch and you’ll always receive feedback from us. We don’t have any NDA clauses in this stage, but will guarantee your integrity, you pitch is send encrypted and will never be handed over to third parties. Your dream is yours and yours alone, but we might go on a joint mission. You can also contact us directly to schedule a brainstorm session.

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